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Daniel McDonald

Daniel McDonald


DM Creative – The Moving Hub of Innovation and Craftsmanship.

Hello, I’m Daniel McDonald, the driving force behind DM Creative. This dynamic fusion of a design studio and innovation lab is my platform for relentlessly exploring pioneering projects, collaborations, and cutting-edge web technologies. It’s the digital crucible where creativity and technology meld, illuminating the frontier of the digital realm.

My journey as an entrepreneur, spanning more than two decades, has imprinted my footprint on the digital terrain of both coasts of the United States. Today, while the scenic vistas of Oregon serve as my base station, I am on the verge of a thrilling new chapter – a life on the road.

Why confine creativity to one location when the entire world is a canvas? As I embark on this exciting venture, DM Creative is poised to become a mobile powerhouse of innovation, carrying the essence of exploration, discovery, and creative journey.

“Creativity is not just my craft; it’s my lifeblood. The exhilaration of tackling new challenges, pushing boundaries, and creating – it’s an irreplaceable part of my being.”

So, come aboard this journey of creation. As we traverse new landscapes, each project becomes a unique tale of passion, resilience, and innovation – all driven by the engine of ceaseless curiosity that’s just part of my wiring.

When it comes to my Photos, I only shoot in Raw.

I am creative, an artist which means I have learned a lot over my lifetime in 58 years. Like many artists, if I am not moved or inspired I don’t shoot. I never force the view. Hence the reason I have an eclectic collection of photos. My work is for sale, however, my focus is on the images, not $$

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