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A short story
Daniel McDonald

Daniel McDonald


I am DM Creative,
I say I’m different.

Hello, My name is Daniel McDonald the Studio is my design house and serves as R&D for my projects and partners, as well as developing new technologies. I operate a digital agency of which I am creative. I have been an entrepreneur for over 20+ years.  I have operated a digital agency on both coasts of the United States, currently working from Oregon.

“My passion is the art of creating, and the satisfaction of being challenged

It’s just how I’m wired, I guess.

When it comes to my Photos, I only shoot in Raw.

I am creative, an artist which means I have learned a lot over my lifetime in 58 years. Like many artists, if I am not moved or inspired I don’t shoot. I never force the view. Hence the reason I have an eclectic collection of photos. My work is for sale, however, my focus is on the images, not $$

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